Guy Creates Hypnotizing Glass Spheres

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    Born in Santa Fe and growing up on a cattle ranch in northern New Mexico, award-winning artist Scott Pernicka, of Internal Fire Glass, has been sculpting glass into works of art since 1998.

    These crazy-cool vortex spheres look like swirling galaxies that lead to another dimension.

    I’m serious… don’t stare too long, you might just get sucked in.

    According to Pernicka, “I use a flameworking process to melt and shape high-quality Borosilicate glass at temperatures over 3000 degrees.

    Color is added using different types of crystallized metal and metal oxides.”

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    Along with these mesmerizing glass spheres, Pernicka also creates and sells amazing custom jewelry and sculptures.

    His work can also be found in galleries across the United States, and in private collections around the world.

    Scott Pernicka


    Gold and Silver Galaxy


    Gold and Silver Galaxy


    Dichroic Vortex


    Dichroic Vortex


    Dichroic Vortex


    Crushed Opal Swirl


    Dichroic Vortex


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