Difference Between Softball and Baseball

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    Baseball Field Overview

    Baseball Field Overview

    Softball vs Baseball

    Softball and baseball may contain many similarities as softball has been descended from the other. Though the two have certain similarities, one can come across many differences between the two.

    When comparing the length of the game, the baseball has nine innings and the softball has seven innings. Another difference that can be seen between softball and the baseball is in the ball size. When the ball used in baseball comes with a circumference of nine inches, the ball used in softball has a circumference of 11 to 12 inches. Coming to the bat, the baseball bat has a length of about 42 inches and the softball bat comes in a length of 34 inches.

    Softball and baseball also have difference in the baseline and the outfield fence base. While the softball comes with a 60 feet baseline, the baseball has a baseline of 90 feet. While the outfield base can be of variable distance in baseball, the maximum outfield of softball is 76 metres.

    While the baseball has a pitching length of 60 feet, the softball has a length of 40 to 46 feet. The pitchers of a baseball is a raised sloping mound, with a 9 feet radius and 10 inches height, it is a flat circle having an 8 feet radius for softball.

    In baseball, the base stealing time is active whenever the ball is alive. On the other hand, in softball, it is active once the ball is released from a pitcher’s hand.

    In a game of baseball, any method, usually an overhand is used for delivery. On the contrary, underhand is generally used in softball delivery. Softball also does not have any arc or speed restrictions.

    When talking of illegal pitch base, most of the infractions are punished as balk. The ball is considered to be dead and no change is made to the count. But in softball, the ball remains live. In case the batter reaches base and all runners advance, there is no penalty. If this does not happen, the play is negated.


    1.The baseball and softball has difference in the ball circumference and bat length.
    2.The baseball has a longer innings than the softball.
    3.Softball and baseball also have difference in the baseline and the outfield fence base
    4.The two also have difference in pitching length and base stealing time.
    5. There is also difference in the delivery

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