Differences Between Rugby and Football

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    Rugby vs Football

    There are a couple of differences between the sports of rugby and football; differences worth knowing in order to have a better understanding of the sports. First off, the game of rugby requires a much wider field compared to football. There are also some differences in the number of players for both sports. For example, in rugby you need to have thirteen players to get the game going. In football however, you only need eleven players. The nature of their roles on the field also has differences. In rugby, any player can perform the role of attacking and defending whenever there is a need for it. In football, all eleven players have very specific roles on the field, to which they should strictly adhere.

    The way the ball moves around the field is also different for the two sports. In football, the players can only pass the ball in a direct forward manner. On the other hand, the game of rugby entitles the players to keep passing the ball in other directions namely, backwards and sideways. Differences are also apparent in the way the games are scored. To make a point, rugby players need to have the ball touch the field, which will earn them a total of 5 points to make the ‘try’ (term for the score).

    In football, the players will only need to cross designated end-zones to earn them six points for the ‘touchdown‘ (the term for this sport’s score). Both games allow goal-over kicks, but in rugby, the value of the score is double that of football’s. And finally, football players always aim to make field goals, while such an act is not worth making in rugby, since it will only garner them a single point. Basically, these are the differences worth knowing about the two sports of rugby and football.


    1. Rugby uses a much wider playing field compared to football.

    2. A football game can commence with eleven players, while you need thirteen to start a rugby match.

    3. In football, ball movement is only directly forward; in rugby it is only sideways and backwards.

    4. The difference in points is such that a score in rugby is worth four points, while a score in football is worth six points.

    5. Football players always aim for the field goal, while rugby players have a tendency to avoid this because of its low score.

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