Difference Between Rock and Blues

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    Rock vs Blues

    Rock and blues music is related to one another. It is not just because they were developed almost at the same time but also because they use very similar instruments. Although one form of rock may sound too different from one of the many blues variation, there are still many differences that are most notable between these two music forms.

    In terms of cultural birthplaces, blues sprouted from the southern regions of the U.S. during the late 19th century whereas rock came from both the U.K. and U.S. in early 1950s. Moreover, blues attributes its origins from Afro-American folk music, as well as, work and spiritual songs. On the contrary, Rock and Roll, Electric Blues and, like blues, rock music’s style can also be traced from folk music.

    Being a genre under popular music, rock is often distinct with its use of the electric bass guitar, drums, organ and piano. Aside from using these same musical instruments, blues has incorporated other sounds from various instruments by employing the use of the harmonica, saxophone, trumpet and the trombone.

    Pure rock is said to contain three chords only. One of which is the strong chord, the second a back beat and the last chord is the use of an appealing melody. But because rock music itself has evolved from time to time, most rock forms nowadays have 4 and half chords repetitions. Conversely, the use of 12-bar blues progressions in chords is one of the most common characteristic of Blues music.

    Unlike the blues bands of today, a rock group or band is commonly made of 4 members. One plays the electric guitar, another uses the bass guitar, the third being the mainstay drummer and of course the lead vocal. In some occasions, the group omits another member from the quartet leaving three members to complete the band. In this regard, the vocal is usually seen to use the instrument of the member omitted from the group.


    1.Blues began its culture in the U.S. alone while rock began in both the U.K. and the U.S.
    2.The typical Blues music employs more instruments than rock.
    3.The style of Blues can be traced mainly from Afro-American folk music while rock music had bigger influences from Rock and Roll and Electric Blues.
    4.Pure rock is said to contain 3 chords only and most rock subgenres has 4.5 chord repetitions whereas Blues use 12-bar blues chord progressions.

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