Difference Between Hip Hop and Punk

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    Hip Hop vs Punk

    We often hear the terms hip hop and punk (punk rock) without actually knowing the true identities of such. As a result, people usually misuse these terms as the genre for some music when in fact they are not. So how can one differentiate hip hop from punk or what characteristics does each have that really make it hip hop and punk.

    With the advent of hip hop culture, hip hop music began to emerge. This genre was rooted in many related styles, which include the rap, the loop, freestyle, scratches, and even the beatbox. Hip hop became a distinct music form because it was the usual medium to air the outcries of the people due to its obvious rap nature. Hence, many political and social concerns were raised through hip hop chants, rhymes, verses, and word plays. Amazingly, they were very effective in raising public consciousness.

    Moreover, the terms rap and hip hop are often confused and misused as the same terms when originally they aren’t because hip hop is a broader term that describes the entire hip hop music culture. Nevertheless, rap and hip hop has now been accepted to pertain to almost the same music genre.

    In terms of origin, hip hop started in the 1970s in The Big Apple ‘“ New York City (NYC). Hip hop music is almost always initiated with a 4/4 beating. Oftentimes, the lyrics are sung in a capella style while in some instances modern instruments such as synthesizers serve as accompaniment.

    On the other hand, punk rock is another music genre that sprouted around the middle part of the 1970s. Contrary to hip hop, this genre also started to become popular in the U.K. and Australia aside from the U.S. Like hip hop, punk rock also delves into many political themes and more of the rebellious theme or image. In this connection, the singers of punk rock songs often wear distinctive attires that match what they sing, often wearing garments that deviate from what the society mandates. As mentioned, the image presented is basically against authoritarianism that’s why the style used is fast and edgy. This is accomplished with the use of the bass drum and electric guitar.

    Although both genres began somewhere in the 1970s, they differ in the following aspects:

    1. Hip hop began in the U.S. specifically in NYC whereas punk rock also set foot in the U.K. and Australia aside from the U.S.

    2. Both deal with political themes but punk rock is more violent in nature for it focuses on themes that are anti-authoritarianism.

    3. Hip hop is usually sung in a capella or accompanied with a distinct beat using instruments like drums and synthesizers. Punk rock embraces a fast and edgy musical style with electric guitars and bass drums on the mainstream.

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