Difference Between PPV and VOD

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    PPV vs VOD

    TV viewing has evolved along with the changes in how people live and how their schedules become less and less traditional. Two features that were added into TV services are PPV (Pay Per View) and VOD (Video on Demand). The main difference between the two is in what type of content they usually deliver. PPV is mostly used for showing sporting events like boxing and mixed martial arts, as well as wrestling shows. This is a much cheaper and convenient alternative to being in the arena as you still get to see the fight as it happens. In contrast, VOD is used to deliver pre-recorded content like movies and TV shows.

    As you may already have deduced from above, PPV has a fixed schedule. There is no way to change that schedule unless you record the event and watch it later, which actually beats the whole purpose of PPV. With VOD, you can watch what you want when you want. So, you can choose to watch that movie that you did not have a chance to catch in theaters or have a marathon of your favorite TV series.

    There is also a major difference between PPV and VOD when it comes to paying for the service. PPV is paid on a per event basis, which means that you need to pay for every PPV event that you want to view. In comparison, VOD is typically a monthly service. You just pay a fixed monthly fee and you can watch just about anything on their library of video content and even audio.

    Because people are watching the same thing at the same time in PPV, it simply uses the pre-existing cable technologies. The provider simply needs to determine who is allowed to view the channel that the PPV is on. This is not applicable with VOD as each user may be viewing different content. Because of this, it is necessary to route VOD through an IP network in order to provide the specific content to each user.


    1.PPV is used mostly for sporting events while VOD is used mostly for movies and TV shows
    2.PPV delivers live content while VOD does not
    3.PPV has its own schedule while you can watch anytime with VOD
    4.VOD is often in a monthly payment scheme but not PPV
    5.PPV uses traditional cable lines while VOD uses IPTV technology

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