Movie Theater In Italy Has A Perpetual Black Water Whirlpool Built Into The Floor

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    Take one step inside this theater and you’ll instantly see something quite strange, this strange swirling black hole thing built into the stalls area at the cinema/theater in San Gimignano, Italy. This cool looking piece of artwork is from talented artist Anish Kapoor, the piece known as Decension, that was on display eariler this year.

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    According to this press release and Kapoor, “Decension is a formal continuation of Descent into limbo…  a kind of apparently bottomless black hole opened up in the floor, “dragging” the viewer into it. Descension destabilizes, undermines our perception of the earth as a solid element, and confirms Kapoor’s interest in non-objects and self-generated forms. In its state of flux and movement, Descension presents us with a perpetual force, a thrust downwards and towards a totally unknowable interior.”




    Just don’t fall in….


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