Difference Between Chaniya Choli and Choli

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    Chaniya Choli and Choli are traditional Indian clothes. Chaniya Choli is worn usually during weddings and festivities, and Choli is worn almost daily by ladies who prefer to wear sarees everyday. The main difference between Chaniya Choli and Choli is that Chaniya Choli is a complete ensemble; it consists of the upper wear, the top which is called the Choli, the full length skirt which is called Chaniya or Lehnga and Dupatta to go with them. However, Choli itself is just the upper wear or the top which can be mixed and matched with a saree or with any other Chaniya than the one it has come with as an ensemble.


    Cholis are worn with sarees as well as with Chaniyas. Traditionally, they were of limited styles, and just by looking at the style of the Choli one could identify the region where it was made. For instance, in the State of Gujarat, mirror work, backless, and midriff showing Cholis are prevalent whereas, in Rajasthan, gota work (traditional brocade ribbons) and full waist-length Cholis are worn. In modern times, the Cholis have undergone a revolution. Their cut and styles are made in order to satisfy the modern woman who is confident enough to show off her curves and comes in many styles like; off-shoulder, bustier, spaghetti strap, halter neck, tube, etc. As the Indian fashion goes global, these new cuts and styles appeal more to the Western sensibility too.

    Cholis are available in almost all kinds of fabrics; cotton, silk, brocade, chiffon, georgette, lace, etc. They are either sold separately or as a matching garment with sarees and Chaniyas. One must choose the Cholis as per one’s body type and look for form-flattering styles, the cut, the darts, the boning, everything makes a difference, and one must choose what fits well and looks good too.

    Chaniya Choli

    Chaniya Choli is a complete outfit. It has a Choli and the Chaniya or full-length skirt along with a Dupatta. They are complimentary and are bought together as a coordinated outfit. The Cholis of the outfit can be of different styles and different fabrics as discussed earlier, and the Chaniyas are of various designs too. Traditionally, the Chaniya Cholis represent different regions of India, and one look at them can tell you where they come from. Today, the Chaniyas have been revamped too. They are available in form-flattering cuts and styles like mermaid, A-line, and full flare. They are available in all kinds of fabrics like cotton, silk, raw silk, brocade, georgette, chiffon, etc. Chaniya Cholis are comfortable to wear and very popular.


    Chaniya Choli is a complete, coordinated outfit comprising three garments; the Chaniya, the Choli, and the Dupatta whereas the Choli is just an upper wear. It can be matched with a saree or with a Chaniya to complete the dress.

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