Top Countries with Invalid Click Activity on AdSense

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    A recent published AdSense statistics repost states that almost 72% AdSense account got disabled and banned due to invalid click activity reason.

    In technical terms it is called “AdSense Cyber Fraud Attack”. It means a specific attack towards AdSense users to generate fraud click and as a result to block your AdSense account. There are few countries from which these major attacks comes are mainly China, Russia, Pakistan, Ukraine and Belgium etc. Some hackers from these countries do this to make Google disable your AdSense account.

    The top most High Risk Online Fraud Countries which you might want to avoid showing your AdSense ads are:

    Country Name Country Code
    Pakistan PK / PAK
    China CN / CHN
    Ukraine UA / UKR
    Indonesia ID / IDN
    Yugoslavia YU
    Lithuania LT / LTU
    Egypt EG / EGY
    Romania RO / ROU
    Bulgaria BG / BGR
    Turkey TR / TUR
    Russia RU / RUS
    Malaysia MY / MYS
    Israel IL / ISR

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