Hilariously Annoying Alarm Clock Runs Away

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    We’ve all been there: You “snooze” the alarm to shut it up, only to wake up a lot later than you originally intended to. You couldn’t help it, you just dozed off into dreamland, again. What if you had an alarm that you had to chase and get out of bed for in order to hit the snooze button?


    This new alarm clock from Nanda may very well be all the answers you’ve been looking for. They’re not saying you won’t ever be late to work again, but…you’ll definitely wake up after it allows you to only hit the snooze button one time before it flees from you. Clocky is the motorized clock that will drive itself away. It runs on 4 AAA batteries and can withstand falls of up to 3 feet. Just make sure your nightstand is clear of anything that may spill and be sure to keep the launch-path clear of debris.






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