Difference Between AACSB and ACBSP

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    education-classroom-pdAACSB vs ACBSP

    Education is said to be key to one’s future. That’s why there are many schools established to cater to the ever growing demand for education. Nowadays, concrete and physically visible schools are slowly being shadowed by online degrees and online educational programs. However, are these online educators at par with the well established schools that people know of today? To answer such, there are several accrediting firms that gauge the quality and other aspects of educationthat the schools possess. Two of the most popular accrediting bodies are the AACSB and the ACBSP.

    To serve the institutes of higher education, these firms carried out their tasks by using their different set of philosophies. AACSB, completely known as the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business, primarily accredits schools in which doing research is of utmost importance. When pitted against other firms, AACSB is more prescriptive when it comes to carrying out their accreditation processes. It is also the most renowned accrediting firm above all others, no wonder it is dubbed as the gold standard. They so designed their system to allow the larger institutions to qualify. However, it is also said that they don’t gauge the school’s quality that much. What they consider as more importantis looking into the published researches coming from a particular school. As observed, those schools that publish more research will obviously get more grants.

    Conversely, ACBSP (Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs) is the usual firm that accredits programs or degrees that are business related either in community colleges or in the more popular schools that offers both the graduateand the bachelor’s degrees. They don’t do accreditations for associate degrees and target more of the middle size and smaller institutions.  They are said to be outcome oriented and processes accreditation in a prescriptive way but less than that of AACSB’s protocols. This accrediting firm was created to meet the demand from schools that needa newer form of accreditation on top of the exiting AACSB. Thus, it complements the latter.

    In terms of philosophy, ACBSP concentrates more on the school’s functions and has a relatively greater focus on improving the integrity and quality of educationwhen compared to AACSB. Like the IACBE, it does not dwell muchon research. Generally, they foster excellence with regard to a school’s teaching methodologies.

    1. AACSB is an older accrediting firm than the ACBSP.
    2. AACSB targets larger institutions as opposed to ACBSP.
    3. AACSB focuses on research in schools whereas ACBSP focus more on the quality of education.

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