Incredible DIY Cloud Lamp

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    Here’s a fun little project that’s actually pretty unique, and will add some flare to your room thanks in part to TiffyQuake.

    Now, you might have seen the article we featured here a few months ago about the cloud lamp that creates an incredible thunderstorm inside your bedroom.

    Which is probably something most people wouldn’t be able to splurge on… so we found this alternative.

    You can always vary it up if you want something different, but here’s what you’ll need: Cotton batting / Paper lanterns / Wooden dowel / Fishing line or string / Hot glue gun / Battery-powered LED lights / Screw hook

    Different sizes of paper lanterns


    Hot glue gun with sticks

    Screenshot (175)-Optimized

    Set of LED curtain lights

    Screenshot (176)-Optimized

    Clear string or fishing line

    Screenshot (177)-Optimized

    Cotton batting

    Screenshot (178)-Optimized

    Use the glue gun to apply the hot glue on the paper lantern… then start attaching the cotton

    Screenshot (179)-Optimized

    Using your wooden dowel, tie the string or fishing line around it

    Screenshot (180)-Optimized

    Hook one end to a hook in the ceiling / Do the same with the other end

    Screenshot (181)-Optimized

    Tie each ball individually and adjust the length as needed

    Screenshot (182)-Optimized

    Once you get your desired height, just keep adding your paper lanterns

    Screenshot (183)-Optimized

    Screenshot (184)-Optimized

    Next, pull your LED lights through the base of the cloud

    Screenshot (185)-Optimized

    Plug it in and…….

    Screenshot (186)-Optimized


    Screenshot (187)-Optimized

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