Difference Between EDD and PhD

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    graduatesEDD vs PhD

    For most people, pursuing a higher education could either be a way to advance their careers, or it is something that will give them a personal sense of achievement and fulfilment. The most common degrees of higher education, are usually a PhD or EdD ‘“ but what are the key differences between the two? That is exactly what we will try to find out.

    First, let us learn what PhD is all about. PhD is the abbreviated version of Doctor of Philosophy. This is an advanced academic degree granted by universities, and it is considered to be one of the highest educational degrees that one can earn. You can earn a PhD for a wide array of disciplines and areas of study, especially in the field of sciences and humanities.

    If you are applying for a position as a university professor or researcher, having a PhD would definitely come in handy. There are even job openings which specifically require applicants to obtain a PhD before they can be employed.

    On the other hand, an EdD, or a Doctor of Education Degree, is a doctorate which is discipline-based. The purpose of this educational degree is to prepare an individual for work in the fields of the academe, administration, and clinical or research positions, in educational institutions. Just like a PhD, the EdD is a terminal degree which is actually recognized by the National Science Foundation, as it is equivalent to a PhD.

    So how will you determine which of the two degrees you should pursue? Basically, both the EdD and PhD are research-based, and they both demand that academic rigour before you can finish the degree. Depending on the educational institution where you will finish the degree, you can either have an EDD or a PhD as an education.

    Both EdD and PhD degree holders can qualify for jobs as university professors or lecturers, school superintendents, human resource directors, or principals. Another key difference between the two, is that a PhD is a more traditional degree, since it includes more substantial courses during the first two years so that a student can specialize in a certain area. On the other hand, the EdD is a combination, or course work, with a shorter thesis than a PhD. If you are not yet sure about what the focus of your study should be, the EdD is definitely the better choice for you.


    1. A PhD requires more rigorous training during the first two years, while an EdD involves a combination of subject study and course work during the first two years.

    2. A PhD offers the skills for a person to become an expert at a wide array of disciplines, while an EdD is more discipline-based.

    3. The National Science Foundation recognizes an EdD to be equivalent to a PhD, therefore, there is very little distinction between the two.

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