World’s Oldest Living Land Creature

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    Meet Jonathan, a 183-year-old giant tortoise living on this island of St Helena. If you ever find yourself visiting the island, and you make your way on over to the Plantation House, you might just run into Jonathan. While he is incredibly old (obviously) he still gets around excellent.
    First picture of Jonathan Taken in 1882. He was already 50 years old at the time of this picture.


    The photo you see here (left) was taken in 1902. This picture (right) was taken in 2014.



    They estimate Jonathan’s birthday to be around the year 1832. He is roughly anywhere from 160 – 180 years old.

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    Many think he is the oldest living creature on the planet.


    Stop By an have your picture taken.

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    What’s even more mind boggling is that some tortoises have been known to live as long as 250 years.

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