Difference Between Islam and Catholicism

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    islam-christianityIslam vs Catholic ism

    Islam and Catholicism share many similarities. Islam is one of the religions practiced by many around the word, as it is one of the second largest religions in the world. Catholicism is the largest prominent religion, with followers across the globe. According to a report from the Vatican, released in 2008, 19 percent of the world’s population is made up of Islam, while Catholics make up only 17.4 percent of world’s population.

    The origin of Islam can be traced back to the six hundred Christian era, and was founded by Prophet Muhammad, in Mecca. According to the historians, Prophet Muhammad received the revelations from angel Jibril (Gabriel). After which he complied the revelations into the holy book ‘“ Quran. People from Islam religions follow the teachings of the Prophet, and accept Allah as God.

    Islam has a few fundamental beliefs that make the founding ground of Islamic faith. They are:

    · According to them, Allah is the only God, and he is invisible to our human eyes.

    · God is the only Supreme Being.

    · Belief in divine scriptures and revelations like Psalm, the Bible, and Torah.

    · Islam believes the existence of angels to be their guardian. This is because Quran is a compilation of an angel’s revelations.

    · Belief in final judgment day; everyone will be gauged based on their deeds.

    Catholicism is one of the wealthiest and largest sections in Christianity. Catholicism and Islam are siblings with jealousy. Both religions have roots in Judaism, and have the longest recorded history, filled with conflicts between the two famous religious beliefs. Catholicism is an extension of Judaism, along with Jesus Christ. They also have a strong belief in church and Pope as the highest order of their religion. Islam is an extension of Judaism, with Jesus Christ and The Prophet Muhammad as messengers of God. Catholicism believe that Jesus is a messenger of God, as well as God himself. In addition, they consider that only Jesus can save them from all sins, as he gave his life for his people on the cross.

    Catholicism and Islam share many common platforms, like:

    · Catholic and Islam have similar practices in prayer, fasting and alms deeds.

    · Both have prayer beads.

    · Pilgrimages to receive blessings from God.

    · Both have Holy Scriptures originated from the same roots.


    · God: Islam praises Allah as the only God. Catholicism praises Jesus, a messiah of God himself, and son of God.

    · Catholicism believes Church and Pope to be the highest order.

    · Quran is compilations made by the Prophet himself; the Bible was compiled by his disciples based on Jesus’ teachings.

    · Catholics believe in the trinity of God, while Islam rejects the existence of trinity, as they believe that Allah is the only God.

    .God is being referred to as Jehovah, or Yahweh in the Bible, while Muslims believe Allah’s covenant is with Ishmael.

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