Entire Carpenter Pencil Was Intricately Carved Into A Miniature Train On Rails

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    Inspired by seeing carved pencils online, Cindy Chin, a sculptor who enters the Annual Miniature show each year decided she wanted to enter something different as opposed to her usual clay sculptures.

    In a blog post, she explains how she experimented with different tools at a pencil shop. “I found that the best tools for me were an Exacto blade for removing the bulk and the smallest needle that I could find for the detail,” she writes.


    Her first attempt at train carving didn’t go as smoothly as one would hope, but after a few trial and errors.

    It took Chin 9 hours to carve this tiny train




    The train is 3/16ths of an inch tall by about 1/8th inch at its thickest point


    Chin hopes that her work will inspire others just as other graphite carvers have inspired her


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