Drawing An Insanely Complicated Maze

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    Just in case you’re not familiar with this story, a few years ago Twitter user @Kya7y stumbled upon an amazing maze drawn a piece of paper roughly 33 x 23 inches… she found it while going through some of her fathers old things. The maze had been rolled up for nearly 30 years…. when she asked her father about it, he explained that he started drawing this complex maze in his spare time… finishing it an incredible 7 years (talk about dedication).

    old 1-Optimized

    When she posted the pictures she took of the maze on Twitter it took off like wild fire. The maze became so popular that her dad started making copies and selling them… at one point they were selling so fast that he couldn’t even make copies fast enough.

    Look at the incredible detail… my mind is hurting

    old 2-Optimized

    old 3-Optimized

    Just recently her father started working on another maze.. this time making it a little easier to solve and more detailed. After a few painstaking months of drawing a couples of days at a time her father actually finished the second maze. The detail and complexity look even more apparent in his second rendition.

    The detail is just astonishing







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