Difference Between Hindu and Muslim

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    Hindu vs Muslim

    Many have confused Hindus from Muslims and vice versa. If you carefully examine each person individually, you’ll be surprised to learn that there are lots of differences between the two in as much as there are also many similarities. As a matter of fact, there’s a clear relationship between Hinduism and Islam, the religions of the Hindu and the Muslim respectively. It is also not surprising to learn that the two religious groups tend to fight often, historically speaking.

    It is their dissimilarities that form the boundary between them. Foremost, the Hindus believe in many gods because Hinduism is a polytheistic religion. The Muslims, on the other hand, are monotheistic because, like Christianity, they believe in only one supreme God. Because of the polytheistic nature of Hinduism, it seems that their gods are present in anything and everything while Islam believes in the divinity of Allah alone.

    It is interesting to note that two individuals from each of these religions have certain reservations in consuming some types of animals. For example, the Muslims are not allowed to eat pigs or pork because it has been given a dirty connotation. They eat other kinds of meat, though, like lamb, goat, cow, and many other meat products. By contrast, the Hindus make sure that they don’t eat beef or cows. The reason for this is the exact opposite to how the Muslims view the pig. Hindus believe in the cow’s divinity. So because of its sacredness, it shouldn’t be eaten or unnaturally killed by anyone.

    Although surprising for some, Muslims’ view on death is more similar to Christianity than compared to Hinduism. Muslims believe that there is a judgment day, and that the dead being’s soul will eventually be separated from the physical body in the afterlife. The Hindus believe in the concept of reincarnation. So the souls of the dead are able to come back to life with a different body.

    Another interesting Hindu belief is the emphasis or need to do selfless acts or thoughts. The more you do these acts of kindness, the greater is your chance in being reincarnated into a higher being. You don’t want to become an ant in your next life, do you? But for Muslims, they have to strictly practice fasting during the Ramadan period and also adhere to some important religious rituals like the namaz, roza (fast), and the daily shahadah recitation.


    1.Hindus are the people who follow the practices and beliefs of Hinduism while Muslims are those that follow Islam.
    2.Hindus believe in many gods while Muslims believe in only one God, Allah.
    3.Hindus don’t eat cows while Muslims don’t eat pigs.
    4.Hindus believe in rebirth or reincarnation while Muslims believe in the separation of the soul and body after death.
    5.Muslims observe many religious practices like the namaz, roza, and shahadah.

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