Prescription Bottle Has A Timer Cap

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    Rx Timer Cap

    The Rx Timer Cap is a pill bottle that will definitely help solve this dilemma. The TimerCap is stamped with a digital timer on the cap which shows the amount of time it’s been since you’ve taken your last dose of prescription drugs. The simple timer works like a stopwatch and comes in EZ-Twist (senior friendly) and Child Resistant.

    The clock resets to 00:00 every time the bottle is opened so you’ll know if you’ve missed a dose.


    Product Details

    Digital timer with LCD, magnifying display
    Timer counts-up and resets every time the cap is removed
    Caps are available in both Child Resistant (CRC) and EZ-Twist (senior-friendly)
    Vials are available in 2 sizes: Large and Standard
    Battery lasts up to one year

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