Horses Have The Most Unusual Coat Patterns

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    Horses are some of the most beautiful animals on the planet. And while you may have thought they mostly look very similar, they actually are a very diverse species. Horse come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors – some are very common, while others are so rare, they are practically one-of a kind.

    Even devout horse lovers have probably never heard of some of the gorgeous horses you’re about to see, which have the most unique coat colors and markings we’ve ever seen.

     A Cremello Akhal-Teke.



     Dappled Grey. Grey color is unnatural in horses, and is the result of selective breeding.

    As they age, all grey horses will eventually turn white. However white-grey horses all have black skin, while ‘true’ white horses will always have pink skin.

    Black and White Pinto.

    Pinto is a combination both white and another color.



     Buckskin Pinto.

     Silver Dapple Pinto.

     Red Rabicano.


     Classic Champagne.

    Gold champagne.

    Grey Brindle.

    Chocolate flaxen.

    A Leopard Appaloosa.

    Another Leopard Appaloosa.

     Blue Roan.

     Red Roan.

    This one looks like she has a mask on.

     A Fresian/Appaloosa mix.

    This is one beautiful horse.

     Doesn’t it look like it says “horse” on the side of this horse?


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