Difference between Jehovah ’s Witness and Jews

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    Judaism is one of the 4 worlds most well known religions while Jehovah’s witness is far common. Jehovah’s witness originated in the US in 1870s as a student movement as an off shoot of Christianity whereas Judaism dates back to more than a thousand years when Prophet Mosses walked the Earth.

    Jews are followers of Prophet Moses and the Jehovah’s Witness (JW) since they are Christians follow Prophet Jesus. JW believe that Jesus is the son of God and believe that he was the first created being. They are very vocal about their beliefs and like to embrace it and publicly announce it. They also believe that the concept of clergy is improper and there should be no religious hierarchy however with their prominent clergy consisting of Rabbis and religious hierarchy Jews completely disagree with the JW on this topic. Moreover, JW absolutely disallow blood transfusion by mouth or by vein. This is to the extent that they would let someone die in need of blood but will not transfuse. Jews on the other hand believe strongly in saving a life and donating blood if that is what is required. Therefore in Judaism, if a blood transfusion is deemed medically necessary, then it is not only permissible but obligatory. However some Jews consider the blood of non Jews to be tainted because of what they eat and therefore disallow blood transfusion from a non Jew.

    One of the fundamental themes of Jewish ideological framework is belief in the hereafter and an important part of this framework is the concept of Hell. JW, contrary to most religious beliefs and that of Jews, completely disregard the existence of existence of Hell and the hereafter. It is intriguing because even their own texts refer to the eternal punishment and the torture that will befall those whose act is not straight.

    Jewish religion focuses greatly on the geographical importance of their forefathers land i.e. Israel and their modern day controversies have resulted from this orientation. JW apparently does not have any religious affiliations with a geographical location.

    The most prominent difference between the two religions is that Judaism stands as a completely isolated religion while JW is an offshoot of Christianity and is influenced greatly by Christian religious beliefs.

    Major Differences:

    • Judaism predates JW significantly.


    • JW is very recent.

    • Blood transfusion prohibition

    • No clergy in JW

    • No concept of Hell

    • Geographical affiliations

    • Judaism is a separate religion and JW is an offshoot of Christianity

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