Confessions From Cruise Ship Crew Members

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    Life on the ocean is considered one of hardest jobs in the world. The 100-hour work weeks, unexpected weather, and the thousands of people you’re stuck on a boat with could drive even the best of us insane.  It’s no wonder a lot of the cabin crew are alcoholics. Here are some of the confessions from different crew members who cook your food, clean your cabins, and make your drinks.

    Mix & Match

    “It’s kind of a crime on ships to date someone of your own ethnicity. Everybody hooks up with everybody.”

    Between crew there are no restrictions on romance and getting a new “ship squeeze” with each rotation helps to deal with the insane workload. The beautiful, young, international crew, many away from home for the first time, others from less-developed nations who welcome the opportunity for marriage to the few First-Worlders, mixed with a lot of stress, little free time, and confined conditions, leads to lots of hooking up. Even married officers would cruise for talent among the crew, offering promotions to better positions on the ship and their larger, more lavish quarters.




    “Sometimes when I’m cleaning a guest’s cabin, I use their bathroom and take a nap on their bed. No regrets.”

    With four or more crew members in bunks below decks, constant ship noise, overwork, and special “guests”, having a place to oneself is rare and crew will sleep anywhere they can find the privacy. Often they will look as if they just woke up, what with the constant power-napping.


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