Tour A Jail When You’re On Vacation

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    Royale With Cheese


    In France school cafeterias do not allow students to use ketchup. This law was imposed in the year 2011 to keep French cuisine a tradition in France’s school system. Ironically people in France can use ketchup anywhere else on french fries. This law serves the French traditional educational system only.

    Paper Or…Paper


    In Bangladesh plastic bags are no longer used. This law was started in 2002. The elimination of plastic bags actually started in San Francisco California first in the 2000s. Plastic bags cause toxic health hazards and help contribute to destroying the environment and landfills. Bangladesh now uses reusable bags.


    In Brunei celebrating Christmas is illegal. Celebrating Christmas in Brunei can get a person a five year prison sentence. Sharia law was passed in 2014 which banned any celebration of Christmas such as hanging up traditional holiday lights, wreaths, festive caroling, lighting holiday candles, or putting up Christmas trees.

    No Smoking In Public



    In Bhutan in Asia tobacco sales and contributing to selling tobacco products are illegal. Banning of tobacco products started in 2006. Sales and harvesting of tobacco products are strictly illegal. A Bhutan government loophole still allows people to smoke. Happy smoking to people in Bhutan in their private home life!

    No Bazookas


    In Singapore chewing Bazooka bubble gum isn’t allowed without asking a doctor and going to a pharmacy with a prescription. In 1992 Singapore banned Bazooka Joe, renewing the law in 2004. People can still get hefty fines for littering and strewing around Bazooka Joe gum wrappers.

    The Jogging Mafia


    Groups are not allowed to jog in Burundi. Groups of people jogging here will get people jogging hefty penalties. President Pierre Nkurunziza banned this athletic activity in 2014. The president felt jogging in groups caused corrupt and illegal activities. Jogging is still allowed in Burundi for people who jog solo.

    Black and White And Yellow


    In the year of 2011 Malaysia banned wearing yellow clothing. The Malaysian government enacted this law because the government was not on good terms with an activists’ group that wore yellow. Banning people from wearing yellow protects Malaysia from feuding and differences, supposedly.

    The One Place You Can’t Run Out Of Gas


    On the Autobahn in Germany people are not allowed to run out of fuel for their vehicles. Even worse, people are not allowed to leave their vehicles if such an incident should occur, nor are people allowed to walk on the highway.

    You’ll Have To Get Reincarnated Somewhere Else


    In China regular Chinese citizens are not allowed to request reincarnation. Only Buddhist monasteries can request permission from the Chinese government for reincarnation permits. This falls under the realm of management measures for living Tibetan Buddhists. This Chinese law enacted in the year of 2007 remains current.

    No Fun Zone


    The only illegal activity in Turkmenistan is lip syncing. This activity is banned. Lip syncing has been banned in this country since 2005. This law was enacted to preserve the tradition and culture of Turkmenistan. Even ballet and operas are illegal in Turkmenistan. Opera and ballet were deemed unnecessary there.

    One Thing Iran And America Agree On – Jersey Shore Sucks


    In Iran it is illegal to spike your hair like a punk rocker or a Jersey shore cast member. Anything cloning Western tradition overall is banned in Iran. A little gel dab is acceptable in Iran but nothing major. Having your hair spiked up with gel draws serious penalties.

    Illegal To Wear Pants

    Belen Rodriguez - at The Night of Chef TV show in Milan 21.6.2011_6

    For over 200 years, from 1799-2013, Paris law made it illegal for women to wear pants in public. The law was only amended once in 1892 to allow women to wear trousers for horseriding.

    Don’t Eat At Church

    Padma Lakshmi for Carl's Jr and Hardees

    Be careful where you’re eating. In Florence, it is an offense if you eat or drink on the church steps or in a church courtyard.

    No Parachuting Spinsters


    Spinsters beware, in Florida in the United States, it’s illegal for an unmarried woman to parachute on Sundays. If she does she can be jailed.

    How Many Argentinians Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?


    In Argentina the law does not allow anyone to use incandescent light bulbs. This law started in 2010. This law has to do with environmental issues associated with less-energy-efficient, shorter-lifespan incandescent bulbs. Argentina isn’t first country to start this light bulb tradition nor will it be the last.

    Off With Its Head!

    Dead Whale

    If a dead whale is found on the British coast, it is legally the property of the king. The tail belongs to the queen. This law was made so that the queen could use the bones for her corsets. You would think the rest of the body would go to the Prince of Wales.

    Smile, Or Else

    Smiling Law

    In Milan, Italy, it is a legal requirement that all citizens must smile at all times. If you don’t you may be charged for a fine.

    Not Her Homeland


    Any movie viewing with actress Claire Danes is strictly banned in Manila. This law was enacted in 1998 when Actress Claire Danes called Manila filthy, smelly, and rat-infested. The disrespect this actress showed the Philippines has gotten her no recent airplay or love there.

    It’s Not That Great A Film Anyway


    The movie Anna and the King was banned under 1930 law in Thailand. This movie was banned because it depicted disrespect for Thailand’s royal family. Anyone watching this movie or in possession of it can face serious consequences and hefty fines. Thailand law strictly forbids viewing this film.

    Child Safety First


    Baby walkers are strictly banned in Canada. Using a baby walker in Canada can get a person fined $10,000 or six months jail time. Baby walkers pose serious health hazards according to Canadian law.

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