Sports That Would Be More Popular If Other Countries Played Them

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    Wife Carrying


    REPRO FREE: Hellen Webber carries her friend Felicia Uhlig around the obstacle course while taking part in the wife carrying competition in Sneem, County Kerry at the weekend..Photo: Don MacMonagle

    In Finland, the sport of wife carrying came to be years ago and is still alive and well. Husbands carry their wives through an obstacle course including physical objects such as pools of water through which they must carry their wives over their shoulders. The winner gets their wife’s weight in beer.


    Mud Ball


    This sport is popular in Northern Germany. Each year, the annual mud ball tournament is held. Participants cover themselves in mud and play handball, volleyball, and more sports in the muddy flats of the River Elbe. This is not a clean sport. But the players have a great time. One must be extra careful playing volleyball when their bodies and the ball are covered in mud.





    This is a real sport now. It originated in J.K. Rowling’s books but some people brought it to life and made it a reality. People run around a field with a broom between their legs tossing a ball around trying to score in the other team’s goal. More colleges in the US are creating teams and joining the league but it is yet to become a globally-popular sport.

    Extreme Ironing



    This sport was created in England. If household chores are too boring for you then maybe you should consider this sport. While I’m not sure it will become popular, I could be wrong. Participants iron their clothing in extreme conditions. For example, in some instances they put on diving equipment and submerge themselves in a lake or the sea with ironing equipment and iron their clothes.

    Worm Charming



    This is sort of similar to a snake charmer but not completely. Instead of charming a snake with music participants of this sport charm worms to come out of the ground. They use a variety of different methods. The sport originated in England. The number of worms people bring above the ground varies but in some cases has reached the hundreds.

    Unicycle Football



    The game starts with a unicycle joust, rather than a coin toss. Participants get a wooden stick with a boxing glove on one end and joust for who starts with the ball. They then participate in a game of football on unicycles. Clearly, one must be an experienced unicycler to participate. It originated in Texas in the 90s and there is a Unicycle Football League now with several teams.

    Kaiju big Battel



    Monsters battle in a similar fashion as WWE wrestlers. The key difference, here, is that the battlers are monsters, not people. The sport originated in Boston. Players adopt a personality and enter battle with special utilities. For example, So Feng is a Viking inspired monster and Dr. Cube is a comic-book-style evil surgeon. The options are endless.

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