Pets From Different Countries

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    In Australia, many people have sugar gliders as pets. These small animals are very social and can quickly form a bond with their owner.

    In Northern Africa


    In Northern Africa, a common pet is the Fennec Fox. These are bred as exotic house pets and can live as long as a cat or dog. They sleep as much as cats and can be trained to use the litterbox. I hope you like noise, though, because they have a high-pitched squeal.img4

    In Central and South Africa


    In Central and South Africa, the Kinkajou, who is part of the raccoon family, has a lifespan of 20-25 years. They are also known as honey bears, and they are affectionate and get along well with humans. Kinkajous are becoming popular because they are so playful. Many describe a Kinkajou as having a baby bear cub face with an otter body.

    In Australia

    PIC: MARK PASSMORE/APEX 27/05/2015 A tiny baby wallaby is being cared for in a family home after being rejected by her mother - and the family's dog is helping out. Nine month old Willoughby has been hand fed at the home of the Allens at Tamar Otter and Wildlife Centre near Launceston, Cornwall, for the last nine weeks. Dad John, mum Mandy, son Rhys and daughter Frances are all helping care for the vulnerable critter. Poppy the family Labrador cross is sharing the caring duties too letting the baby wallaby sleep with her. Mum Mandy said: “She is hand bottle fed 40ml of special milk a day. “And she’s weaning on grass and a little bit of carrot and apple. “Being with Poppy is contact for Willoughby. “Following around another animal is a bit more natural for her than being with us really. “It gives her warmth and comfort. Like being in her mother’s pouch.” This picture shows Willoughby with Poppy. ** SEE STORY BY APEX NEWS - 01392 823144 ** ---------------------------------------------------- APEX NEWS & PICTURES NEWS DESK: 01392 823144 PICTURE DESK: 01392 823145

    Wallabies, the smaller cousins to the kangaroo, are very social exotic pets in Australia. They are cute and love to cuddle, but really need a lot of time to be outside. They like to run really fast and thrive in a house that has a very large yard. You might need a fence though because they can jump up to 5 ft!2_wvlff

    In Central America


    If you have about $8,000 to spend, you may want the Squirrel Monkey in Central America. It may be the most adorable exotic pet of them all. They only weigh about 2 pounds, are lots of fun, love to play, and are very energetic. The Squirrel Monkey is very smart, and they love to be affectionate with their owners. You can train them easily because they large brains.lovely-spider-monkey-as-a-pet-3

    In America

    LAETITIA CAST at a Photoshoot by a Chimpanzee in Paris

    If you live in America and have an extra $60,000 to buy a pet, you can look into the chimpanzee. They are similar in many ways to humans, so they make an excellent companion. They are very smart, but very territorial, which is something you should consider if you have children or other pets.

    In South America

    If you have some extra money and love birds, the Hyacinth Macaw might be the pet for you in South America. These parrots grow to be about 3-4 pounds with a wingspan as big as 4 feet. Their beaks are so strong they can often get out of their own cages.

    In Africa


    In Africa for about $2,500 you can get the Serval, which is not like an ordinary housecat. They can live to be 19 and weigh 40 pounds. They love to hunt, but also love to purr and be affectionate.  Many people have these cats as pets from birth. As long as you don’t mind a pet as large as a small child.

    In Australia


    If you are looking to spend about $100 for an exotic pet, you might want to look into the Bearded Dragon from Australia. They can live up to 8 years and have spikes on their head and do not get too large. They are a relatively calm animal and very easy to take care of. 



    If you have $600 lying around, you could legally own the largest rodent in the world, a capybara. These social rodents usually live in family groups of 100 or more. These animals must have access to a swimming hole since they are semi-aquatic animals with webbed feet. It should be deep enough for them to be completely submerged. They graze on grass and aquatic plants, but fresh fruit or vegetables are fine as well. If you’re looking for an excellent lawnmower, this pet might be the perfect animal for you.ui-52f1c079f15012.69935615

    In Dubai


    Dubai Pets

    In Dubai, the wealthiest people spend their money on some of the biggest felines in the cat family. Many people won’t bat an eye if there’s a cheetah, lion, or tiger in the passenger side of a car. When you’re in one of the richest countries in the world, where ATMs spit out gold, what do you expect them to have?

    Dubai Pets

    In Europe, Russia, China, Estonia, Japan, and Scandinavia

    Raccoon Dog

    Not quite a raccoon, and not quite a dog, a tanuki is a cross between dogs, wolves, and foxes. They can be found in Europe, Russia, China, Estonia, Japan, and Scandinavia. If you remember the 1990 Nintendo game Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario transforms into a Tanooki Suit, which is based off of these magical raccoon dogs. They make extremely good pets, but they’re known for stealing things. 


    In China

    Thumb Monkey

    In China, you can illegally buy a “thumb monkey,” for 30,000 yuan ($4,500). These primates are listed on the International Union for Conservation Nature’s endangered species list, but that hasn’t stopped people from owning one of their own.Thumb Monkeys



    The tamandua is a small relative of the giant anteater. Like their cousins, these animals diets are mainly ants. They make their homes in trees and the ground. They don’t have any teeth and use their stomachs to grind the food after it is swallowed. Be careful, if these animals feel threatened they release a very unpleasant odor, similar to a skunk. 



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