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    Everybody needs to get around somehow. If you’re going abroad to live or to visit, these are the vehicles you’re most likely to see, drive, and ride in. There’s a reason each country has its favorite, though one model seems to meet with acclaim in multiple markets.




    The most popular car in Canada this year is the Hyundai Elantra. This sleek sedan boasts a high MPG and an affordable price range. The Elantra won over the Honda Civic, which was the most purchased car last year. The new 2017 Elantra offers hands-free trunk operation, automatic emergency braking, and an impressive 147 horsepower.



    United States



    In the US, this year’s top choice is the Toyota Camry. The Camry is especially slick this year with stylish 18-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, and a roomy, sporty interior. Other unique features are wireless smartphone charging and voice-activated commands. If you’re more earth-conscious, the Camry is also available as a hybrid model.



    United Kingdom



    The Ford Fiesta is the official ride for the UK this year. With its compact design and reasonable pricing, it’s no wonder that Ford claims the Fiesta is the best-selling car of all time for UK drivers. This year’s model comes with a keyless driver’s door and one-touch start with just the click of a button. Its rear camera display with helpful guides makes backing up or parking a breeze.




    German car buyers have flocked to the Volkswagen Golf, perhaps because of its extensive safety features. This model includes a blind spot monitor, rear traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, and front, lane, and park assist features. With its back seats folded down, this hatchback offers almost 53 sq ft of cargo space. This beloved model has been on Car and Driver’s 10Best list for the past ten years.






    If you’re buying a car in France this year, you’ll probably be looking at a Renault Clio IV. This subcompact car has been voted the European Car of the Year twice, in 1991 and 2006. You can choose between a hatchback or a station wagon. The Clio has reigned supreme for quite some time, and this new model is more lightweight, powerful, and eco-friendly.


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    In Italy, the Fiat Panda reigns supreme. Its charming name and exterior compliment its comfortable, welcoming interior. The Panda offers lots of storage room, unique designs both inside and out, and ingenious designs for a roomier experience. The front passenger seat even folds down into a table – perfect for lunch on the go or a serene picnic out in the Italian countryside.






    The Hyundai Elantra has also won first place in China this year. This model has had groundbreaking success in sales so far. The Elantra has been beloved in China for quite a while – China still produces all models of the car from as far back as 2000. Some models are especially popular as taxi cabs. Close forerunners come from Kia, Chery, and Renault.



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    In Japan, the Toyota Prius is the most purchased vehicle. It is a bit pricier than many other top sellers, but its impressive gas mileage – over 50mpg both city and freeway – might make up for it. This newer, sportier model has customisable display screens and cord-free charging. Toyota has reworked the Prius’s interior for more room and elegant, form-fitting seats.



    South Korea



    Korean buyers have flocked to the Hyundai Avante, also marketed internationally as – you guessed it – the Elantra. Hyundai generally takes the lead in sales as Korea’s most popular domestic brand. Its bold grill, sleek design, and chrome detailing make the Avante hard to ignore. Hyundai has been consolidating the appearance of their different models, this time taking interior elements from the Sonata and Genesis.




    India’s best selling car is the Renault Kwid. This larger model stands out from India’s previous handful of buying options. The Kwid offers an improved engine, lower pricing, and more safety features. Renault markets this model as a hatchback with the presence of an SUV. Its bold exterior design is certain to catch other drivers’ attention.






    The Nissan Versa is the way to go for buyers in Mexico. While it lags behind in gas mileage, its low price range has proven a success. The Versa comes in two notable models – a sedan and the unique Versa Note, a unique and almost completely customisable hatchback. Its bright color schemes and generous storage space have made it popular among young buyers.





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    The auto market in Brazil has seen a decline in recent quarters, but the Chevrolet Onix, sold exclusively in South America, has dominated sales. This subcompact offers a 7″” touch screen in its dashboard and audio controls in its steering wheel. The Onix’s unique blue accent lights, paired with a bold, sporty exterior, and a beautifully inviting interior, make for a sleek and invigorating ride.



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