Donald Trump’s Supporters

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    The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, often accused of ruling the largest country in the world as if he is a dictator, has had only good things to say about Mr. Trump: “[Donald Trump is] a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt. It’s not our job to judge his qualities, that’s a job for American voters, but he’s the absolute leader in the presidential race.”  The Donald has also said great things about Putin, and in typical braggadocio fashion he talks of how him and Putin had great ratings when they appeared back to back on CNN. It will be interesting how the global geopolitical dynamic would change if these two mutual admirers work together.


    Another foreign president, Mr. Viktor Orban of Hungary seems poised to be a great ally of Trump if elected. He has already realized Trump’s biggest platform, building a wall. In the midst of the European migrant country, he had Hungary erect a razor wire fence to keep hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern migrants from entering Europe through Hungary. He also says that his country’s constitution protects the country from Islamification. It seems that Orban could be as much an example to Trump as well as an admirer of him. Donald’s recent foreign policy speech about protecting Western values is certainly in line with Orban’s vision of the world.


    The eccentric, witty, and flamboyantly gay journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, an ethic Greek raised in England, has been one of Trump’s most vocal supporters in the media. Milo came to the fore when he participated in the Gamergate controversy, the internet gamer’s crusade against politically correct video games. Naturally he took a liking to Trump’s outright disregard for political decency and now likes to call the Don “daddy” which would make a stiff “true conservative” Republican, and maybe Donald himself, cringe. Yiannopoulos likes to play with protesters just like Trump and recently shut down a college protest against him by offering money to the Trump campaign each time someone interrupted him.



    Nigel Farage, the UK Independent Party leader, is a vocal voice for nationalism in the UK and thinks it would be a good thing if Trump is victorious. He says people “underestimate his ability”, and would be “more pro-British than Obama, who is the most anti-British President America has ever had”. Mr. Farage goes on to compare Donald Trump’s treatment to Ronald Reagan, who is almost a Christ-like figure to many Republicans. If his observation is true it might bode well for Trump’s legacy.


    Geert Wilders, a Dutch anti-Islamic politician, is recently facing a battle in court over hate speech for saying he will “take care of that” to a crowd shouting for fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. Mr. Wilders has taken to Twitter to retweet many of Trump’s fiery tweets, and to throw the Donald his endorsement.


    Jean-Marie Le Pen, former French National Front leader, earlier this year endorsed Trump publicly amidst the media hysteria about Trump’s alleged KKK connections. He is the founder of the National Front party, which was taken over by his daughter Marine Le Pen in 2011. Marine has not given Mr. Trump a public endorsement.



    Bashar Al Assad, the leader of Syria who was up until the Russian intervention hanging on to power by the skin of his teeth, would only have to benefit with a Trump presidency. Mr. Trump is not focused on overthrowing the President-Dictator like Obama is, and has repeatedly called on annihilating Isis and even possibly referencing the Syrian rebels in a speech saying that we should not support groups who pretend to be our friends but end up not being our friends.

    Real estate tycoon Donald Trump, center, gets kisses from his wife Melania, left, and model Heidi Klum at a party to introduce The Trump International Hotel & Tower Dubai, hosted by the real estate development company Nakheel, on Monday, June 23, 2008, in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini) Nakheel Celebrates Trump Dubai

    Eastern European Supermodels: Donald Trump’s wife is an American now “legally” but it would be silly to think that his affection for Eastern European women will be lessened when he is president. We all know that beautiful women tend to flock around strong men. We could expect some great eye candy at the great presidential galas that Trump puts on at the White House, or at his new Washington D.C. hotel if he so chooses.



    The Mexican people: Despite the media being harsh on Trump’s view on Mexican immigration, his shutting down of the flow across the southern boarder might be a blessing in disguise for the Mexican people. The country is awash in chaos and violence from the drug cartels, who happen to get their money from smuggling across the northern border. If that flow of money is cut off, Mexico may be allowed to restore order in the drug growing regions. Also there will be many jobs created in the construction of the wall…

    MexicoDonaldTrump (1)


    The Gold Industry: For anyone who has seen Donald Trump’s living quarters in Trump Tower this one won’t seem so odd. Trump has gold plated toilets, sinks, even seatbelts on his plane. Augustus Caesar once said “I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble”. Trump and his constructive megalomania leads a student of history to believe that Trump will do the same, and elevate America from its’ humble beginnings to a great country plated in gold.


    Canada: This country will not be getting a wall like Mexico will. Canada however, might be getting a lot of immigrants coming from the United States to escape Trump’s anticipated wrath of straight talk and deal making. Luckily for sparsely populated Canada, the U.S. population is highly educated and productive and should integrate finely into Canadian society. Some American celebrities that they could expect, based on their word, include great artist and dancer Miley Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jon Stewart. Canada may experience a cultural renaissance because of this influx of talent.

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