Taxidermy Gone Horribly Wrong

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    In the olden days, taxidermy was a very prestigious craft. Today, however, it’s mostly been forgotten except for a few hunters and specialists. When they get it right, they can be accurate and striking. But when a taxidermist doesn’t know what they’re doing, the animals can take on a hilarious and sometimes terrifying appearance.

    This is a perfect cross between a wolf, a bear, and a refrigerator.

    We’ve never seen a wolf with rabies in person, but this must be what it looks like.

     cross between a koala and a dachshund.

    Has this guy ever even seen a barn owl?

     This bobcat looks quite surprised.

    This fox can’t hold it any longer.

    Otters, contrary to this taxidermist’s beliefs, are not lizards.

     This leopard will make a great coffee table.

     I can’t quite put my finger on what’s wrong here. Probably the ears, right?

     Prancer deserved better. We all deserved better.

    This lion must have had a face lift or two before he kicked.

    Everyone knows that wolves evolved from sock puppets.

     I’m very pleased with the direction this one went.

     I have to admit, they really captured the moment the leopard realized it was done for.

     Polar bear or stoner bear?

    Well I’m never sleeping again.

    Legs sold separately.

    That moment when a cougar is about to sneeze…

     Gee, I wonder how this wolf passed away.

     I don’t think bobcats normally get drunk in the wild

     He can still scare the heck out of the mailman.

    Everyone knows that weasels walk on their wrists.

    “What do you mean I’m dead??”

     I’m more afraid of it now than when it was alive.

     Nailed it.

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