Terrible Real Estate Photos

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    Gone are the days in which you had to sift through real estate listings in the local paper and set appointments to find a place to buy or rent. These days, you just turn on the old laptop, type in some details, and hit search – and there before you are all sorts of potential home listing.

     Oh that artwork is really nice.

    It’s a wee tight.

     Lotta poopin’ going on here.

     Oh good the cross is burnt onto the wall.

     Does this count as a half-bath?

     The royal treatment.

     You’re not paranoid if they’re really watching you sleep.

     The kid is extra.

     It gets a lot of sunlight.

     This place is a blast.

     Booze? Check. Laundry? Check. Shovel? You bet your ass.

    Lots of entry-ways.

    It’s a jungle out there.

    The best things in life come in threes.

     Monkeying around.

     Just squint a little bit and you’ll see it

     Sure, why not.

    Looks good from here.

     Little bit of a squeeze.

     This house was erected in the year 1975.

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