More Things that Microwave Can Do

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    Since the very first science oven, or “microwave,” was invented, we’ve been using them to make things simpler around the kitchen. But it turns out that there are a whole lot of ways to use this magical machine that no one had been telling you.

    No more tears when slicing onions.

     Removing stamps has never been so simple.

     Make that old lumpy sugar smooth again.

    You can use your microwave to clean your microwave.

    Another smart cleaning idea!

    The secret to cooking fish.

     Dry your herbs in the microwave

     Crystalized honey can be magically transformed back to its old self.

     Make a hot compress for those aching muscles.

     Make that fruit even jucier.

    There’s an easy way to ensure a container is safe for the microwave.

     Easily peel garlic.

    . Or these other foods.

     Poaching eggs have never been so simple.

     Forgot to soak those beans? Try this.

     Re-hydrate bread the easy way.

    There is a way to avoid microwave explosions.

    Make those stale chips crunchy again.

    Toasting nuts made easy.

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