Injured Little Creature

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    There’s nothing cuter than seeing a little squirrel as it runs, jumps, climbs, and nibbles in its natural environment. They’re just so adorable.

    But recently, a family in Finland came across a red squirrel who didn’t seem quite right – he was lying still on the side of the road, seemingly lifeless. When they looked closer, they realized that the little squirrel was still alive, but only barely. What they did next is absolutely incredible.

    A family in Finland recently spotted this red squirrel lifeless on the side of the road. After they investigated, they found he was still breathing, just barely.

    They decided they were going to nurse him back to health.

    Thankfully, their efforts weren’t in vain. He made it back!

    However, one of his eyes was damaged. He could never return to a life in the wild.

    The family took the little critter in as one of their own.

    They named him Arttu, the Finnish version of ‘Arthur.’

    Arttu, as they found out, had a lot of personality.

    He really enjoyed playing around with his new family: “He liked to have playful ‘fights’ with our hands,” they said.

    “And he was smart enough not to bite too hard.”

    He also had quite an appetite. He ate nuts, berries, fruits, and even mushrooms.

    Such an adorable little guy. 

    And curious, too!

    Arttu lived with them for six years, before passing away of old age in 2013. 

    The family found him nestled in his favorite spot, just as if he was sleeping.

    To honor Arttu, they gave away all of his food to other squirrels in the area. 

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