Guilty Pets

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    Guilt is usually an emotion that is associated with humans, but anyone who ever owned a pet can tell you that it is NOT exclusive to us – not at all.

     You’re home early!

     Oh… hey…

     I wasn’t doin nothin.

     This is cozy.

    6. Hi there I was just napping!

    Just lounging.

    We were just gonna cuddle!

    Who told you?

     You’ve been using this thing all wrong.

     We’re in love.

     Nope, I haven’t seen a marker.

     I just like it up here.

     I do this all the time.

     I will not be shamed.

     Someone has to pay for college.

     Newspaper? What newspaper?

     Welcome back.

     I’ve been in there for months!

     I’m as surprised as you are.

    Just saying hi.

     Come on, dude. I just want a frozen snickers.


     Ah yeah, I guess it is a bit of a mess.

    Can I lick the bowl?

     I just don’t see what you’re talking about.

    I see you have returned a half-hour early.

     I just wanted to play.

     I think we should just stay down here.

     Ah, I see you are still here.

     Who could be mad at that face?

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