Celebrities And Their Historical Doppelgängers

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    There are a lot of fantasy movies and books about people who are immortal – unbound by the fear of death that burdens normal folk. But those stories are just that: fantasy. Or… are they?

    After getting a look at some of these celebrities next to suspiciously familiar historical photos, I’m not so sure they aren’t secretly immortal.

     John Travolta.

     Sylvester Stallone.

     Ellen DeGeneres.

     Maggie Gyllenhaal.

    Chuck Norris.

     Justin Timberlake.

    Jimmy Fallon.

    Mark Zuckerberg.

    Eddie Murphy.

     Leonardo DiCaprio.

     Jay Z.

     Alec Baldwin.

    Bruce Willis.

     Jack Black.

     Keanu Reeves.

     Rupert Grint.

    Anne Hathaway.

     Charlie Sheen.

    Orlando Bloom.

    Nicholas Cage.

    Peter Dinklage.

     Jon Stewart.

     Michael Jackson.

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