Terrifying Creatures Used To Roam The Earth

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    Anyone who has been to Australia can tell you that there are already too many creatures on Earth that can do some serious damage to us humans. We call them “nopes,” and they are to be avoided at all costs.

    However, if you go back a few millennia you’ll discover that we actually have it pretty good now. Once you get a look at some of these nopes, you’ll understand why things could have been oh so much worse.


    These snakes lived about 60–58 million years ago, grew up to 42 feet (12.8 meters) and were known to eat large crocodiles. They are the largest, longest, and heaviest snakes that ever lived (weighing about 2,500 lb, or 1,135 kg).


    This cephalopod is estimated to have had a shell of around 6 to 9 meters. That doesn’t include those tentacles, either.


    This horror show looks like a mix between a crocodile and a velociraptor. Its name means “boar crocodile,” although it is believed to have spent most of its time on land.


    This creature looked like our modern-day sharks, but had a jaw like a buzz-saw. Experts debate where on the jaw the tooth-whirl was actually located, but either way, we’re glad we don’t have to worry about him when we go swimming.

    Terror Bird.

    These predatory, flightless birds could grow up to 9.8 feet in height and lived in South America.


    These overgrown millipedes would have had very few enemies. They could grow up to 8 feet in length and are the largest known land-based invertebrates in history.


    These land mammals are some of the largest predators in history, and likely were related to hippos and entelodonts (giant meat-eating pigs).

    Livyatan Melvillei.

    These whales could grow up to 57 feet, about the size of modern-day sperm whales. They were carnivorous and could do some serious damage with a mouth that size.


    These enormous dragonflies had wingspans that could reach over 2 feet!


    This underwater scorpion could grow up to 3 feet. Yikes!


    This sea scorpion could grow up to a whopping 8.2 feet and is the largest known arthropod. Ever.


    These old-school sharks had a set of teeth that functioned like serrated-edge scissors.


    This is just like our modern crocodile, except it weighed up to 8 tons and was double the length. They could reach 39 feet, and luckily for us, lived 112 million years ago.


    Don’t get too excited. While these guys are extinct, there are spiders that are still around that are just as large.


    These giant turtles had shells that could reach nearly 6 feet in size alone, and possessed jaws strong enough to devour crocodiles.


    These relatives of pterosaurs were extremely large and had spear-like bills. Experts think they may have shared characteristics with modern storks.


    These extinct apes were the largest to ever live. They could reach nearly 10 feet in height and weighed over 1,000 lbs!

    Argentavis Magnificens.

    The largest flying bird in history had a wingspan between 19- and 26-feet and weighed 240-pounds. It is believed to have swallowed prey as large as a cow.


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