Resilient Homeowners Refused To Be Forced Out Of Their Homes

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    It’s always hard when your neighborhood starts to change. You begin to lose the charming small stores and restaurants you once loved, and the cute little streets you call home look a whole lot different.

    So I think we can all appreciate the people who refused to give up on their homes. No matter how much industry comes to town, these heroes wouldn’t let go of the places they love so much.

     At 84 years old, Edith Macefield was offered $1 million for her home, which was attached to the property where a massive shopping center was being built.

    Edith flat-out refused, and many believe her story inspired the Pixar film, Up.

    The shopping center was eventually built – around her home.

     In 2006, Austin Spriggs was offered of up to $3 million by developers in Washington, D.C. to sell his home.

    He held out until the real estate bubble burst in 2008, and was left with nothing… until he turned the property into a successful pizza joint.

     A homeowner in China held out for years while a highway was literally built around him.

     Ishmael Bermudez has refused offers as high as $1.8 million to move from his home in Miami, Florida. He claims to have found numerous Native American artifacts on the property, and stays put out of respect for history.

    This house in Russia is home to a couple in their 60s. After the buildings around them began construction, they were encouraged to leave. When they refused, they had their water and electricity cut off.

    This is the Million Dollar Corner on 34th and Broadway in New York City. The 5-story building is named after it was sold for a record-setting $1 million in 1911. The purchaser did so to prevent Macy’s from declaring itself the largest store in the world.

    This is what it looks like today.

     This run-down home sits in the middle of a new shopping center in Changsha, China, and the owners refuse to leave.

    These homeowners refused to leave their home in Luoyang, China, even as a major highway was built around it.

      These Chinese homeowners refused to move, but instead cut a deal with the developers and had the highway built right around them.

    Wu Ping refused to leave her home for three years as developers continued to try and build a new shopping center. Finally, they offered her $160,000, and she took the money.

     Speighalter’s Jewelry Store in London’s East End held out for over 100 years as the famous Wickham’s department store was built around it. These days, it is in rough shape and is missing a roof.

    This airport in Narita, Japan was constructed around a series of farms. The farmers who lived there fought the government for 39 years to retain their lands. 13 people actually died over that time in various conflicts between the government and the citizens, who vehemently opposed the airport’s construction.

    These apartment-building owners in China refused to take the money when the government wanted to build a highway.


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