Incredible Secrets Hidden In Disney World

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    Walt Disney World is probably the only place on the world where fairy tales are reality. But hidden deep within the House of Mouse lie secrets no mere mortal could be able to spot.

    Now these secrets are finally coming to light… and they’re truly amazing.

     The spitting camel outside of Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride is run by an operator who sits close by and waits for people to get close enough to spray.

    There are only three “official” presidential seals in the United States: one in the Oval Office, one in hall in Philadelphia (where the Liberty Bell is kept), and one in the Hall of the Presidents in Disney World.

    ‘Smellitizer’ devices are placed throughout the park to emit specific smells, such as on Main Street U.S.A. where they pump out the smell of cookies and vanilla.

    Throughout Tom Sawyer’s Island, there are paintbrushes that have been stashed. The lucky kid who finds one and takes it to an employee will receive a free fast pass for one ride!

    One suite in Cinderella’s Castle cannot be booked. It is reserved for contest winners.

     There is a secret menu item at the ‘Be Our Guest Restaurant’. Order the “Grey Stuff,” which is referenced in the song from Beauty and the Beast.

    The largest aquarium in the United States, The Seas at Epcot, holds 5.7 million gallons of water.

     There is a secret underground tunnel system in Disney World for employees.

    Keep your eyes peeled as you’re traveling around the park. There are millions of tiny Mickeys hidden all over!

     The Walt Disney World bus system is the 3rd largest in the state of Florida.

    There is a secret apartment above the firehouse on Main Street U.S.A. where Walt Disney and his family used to stay.

    The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh in the Magic Kingdom section of the park used to be Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. There’s even a picture of Mr. Toad handing the deed to Owl.

    Following the closure of his ride, Mr. Toad was placed in the graveyard outside of The Haunted Mansion.

    If you ask to pilot the Mark Twain Riverboat is in the Magic Kingdom, you will be taken to the captain’s room. You’ll then be able to blow the horn and receive a certificate that says you are a driver of the Mark Twain Riverboat.

     In the Casablanca portion of the Great Movie Ride, the plane is really the front half of the crashed plane from the Jungle Cruise ride.

    The dog outside the jail in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is the same one from the Carousel of Progress.

     There is no chewing gum sold at Disney World, because Disney doesn’t want guests to be stepping on gum or to have it stuck to their rides and facilities.

    The famous Fantasmic attraction is actually sitting in only 1 foot of water.

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