Celebrities That You Forgot Once Committed Serious Crimes

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    Some of our favorite celebs have spent hard time behind bars… but most people forgot that they committed some serious crimes.

     Kiefer Sutherland served 48 days in jail after he received two DUIs in 3 days.

     Microsoft founder Bill Gates was arrested in 1975 for driving dangerously and without a license in his Porsche 911.

     Boston’s own Mark Wahlberg has been arrested more than 20 times.

     Rock legend Ozzy Osborne was arrested twice for public intoxication.

    Buzz Lightyear himself, Tim Allen, served two years in jail when he was caught with 650 grams of cocaine. He said he was selling drugs to pay for college.

     Hugh Grant was once arrested with a prostitute.

     Rap legend (and Beyonce’s husband) Jay-Z served 3 years of probation after he was accused of attempted murder in 1999.

     Will Smith spent a night in jail in 1989 for assault.

     Mike Tyson served time after being convicted of raping Desiree Washington.

    Robert Downey Jr. suffered through years of substance abuse and was arrested numerous time between 1996 and 2001.

     Christian Slater has been arrested a number of times. This includes a time in 1989, when he was locked up for drunk driving and assault. In 1994, he tried to board a plane while carrying a gun. Three years later, his assault of his then-girlfriend was also revealed.

     Paul McCartney was once sentenced to 10 days in jail after being caught with a half pound of marijuana at Tokyo Airport.

     Hotel heiress Paris Hilton served three days in prison for violating her probation.

     Soul singer James Brown spent six years behind bars for assault and leading police on an interstate car chase.

     Fast and Furious star Michele Rodriguez spent 18 days in jail for violating her probation after receiving a DUI.

    Danny Trejo turned his life around after serving 11 years in jail for drug possession and robbery.

     Khloe Kardashian only served a few hours after she violated her probation from a DUI – because the jail was overcrowded.

     Long before his tiger blood days, Charlie Sheen was arrested for assault. And again a year later, for damaging a hotel room.

     Jamie Waylett might be known for playing Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter films, but he is currently in prison after being arrested for violent disorder in 2011. He also had marijuana and a petrol bomb in his home.

     Matthew McConaughey spent 9 hours in jail after police found him smoking marijuana and playing the bongos in the nude.

     Mick Jagger was once arrested and served three days in jail after he took the fall for his then girlfriend, Marianne Faithfull. They were pulled over and police found amphetamines in their car, which they had purchased in Italy where they were legal.

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