Celebrities Are Much Older Than You Think

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    Part of being a celebrity is finding a way to stay ageless. It helps to have a professional makeup department to keep everything where it’s supposed to be but still, the audience can usually guess how old somebody on screen is.

    There are some celebs, however, that you might be totally wrong about. Just take these ones for example.

     Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory is actually 40 years old.

     Gabrielle Union is 41.

     Sandra Bullock is 50 but you’d never be able to tell.

    Rob Lowe is actually 51.

    Dylan McDermott is 52!

    Former Charlie’s Angel, Lucy Liu, is 46.

     Pharrell Williams is 40-years-old.

    Nas is 40.

    Eva Mendes is 40 years old.

    Common is 42.

     Alyson Hannigan is a teenage-looking 40-year-old.

     Jared Leto is 43!

     Chuck Norris doesn’t age. But if he did, he would be 74.

    Singer Sade is already 55.

     Salma Hayek is 48.

     Halle Berry seems ageless at 48!

     Julianne Moore is 53!

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