Women Were Doing Something Unbelievable

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    Considering the contributions and progress of women across history is truly remarkable. In the face of adversity, inequality, and unfair social norms, women have proven that they are just as strong, brave, and capable as men. In doing so, these mothers, sisters, and daughters have shaped the world and made it a better place in the process.

     In 1967, Katherine Switzer was the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon. She was able to finish despite attempts by the race organizer to stop her.

    Here, French mothers shield their children from German gunfire (1944).

    The first women to join the U.S. Marine Corps are sworn in (1918).

    Maud Wagner, the first female tattooist (1907).

    “Winnie the Welder” working in a shipyard in 1943.

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