When His Family Saw What He Did To Their Creepy Old Attic, Everyone Was Speechless

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    In most households, the attic isn’t exactly the center of family life. It’s dark, creepy, and mostly used for keeping things that we’d rather forget about.

    But where most would see just another strange storage space, one man saw the opportunity to do something pretty amazing.

    Here’s the entrance to the attic.

    The first step was to install new beams to change the angle of the roof.

    This was extremely tricky.

    Each of the attachments had to be carefully and precisely measured.

    This wild new attic would also need a fancy new entrance.

    So he knocked out a section of wall near the stairs.

    Here’s where things got really complex.

    He added a tiny door with a small nautical window.

    The door was eventually switched out for a sliding version to save space.

    The door didn’t lead anywhere at first, but it would soon.

    He brought a new skylight up to the attic to let some more light in.

    The new attic would also need a new staircase… obviously.

    He painted and soldered the parts himself.

    And presto! A new stairway up to the attic.

    The stairs would need their own walls.

    Here’s what it looked like from the outside after the walls had been put up around it.

    Next came the attic itself.

    He installed the new skylights.

    It already looks like a totally different room!

    The new wood looks great.

    Looking down the stairs to the new door.

    And looking out from the new skylight.

    His kids pitched in to help with building the new furniture.

    The new carpet and finished paint job look great!

    With little kids running around, they’d need a guard rail around the stairs.

    They would also need some handrails for safety.

    Those stairs are pretty steep, after all.

    That’s better!

    Now they could begin decorating.

    Now that’s a cool place to hang out!

    Nice job

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