Ways To Use Everyday Household Items

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    When you go shopping, pretty much everything will be labeled with “rules” about what you can use it for. But you would never guess all of the possible uses things as simple as a bread ties and nail polish have that no one is telling you about.

    I’d be willing to bet that even the people who make these things don’t know about these hidden ways to use them. Here are just a few brilliant ideas for everyday things you’d never think about!

    Keep loose cords under control with bread-bag tags.

     Take the rings off of your shower curtain add space to your closet.

    Use old tissue boxes to store plastic bags!

    A simple paperclip can help you clip a wild bracelet.

     A bulky wallet? Use a binder clip.

    Give those screws some extra strength with a layer of nail polish.

    A safety pin clipped to your pant leg can prevent static cling with stockings.

     A button can be used to keep earrings paired together.

     Who needs a husband to open a jar when you have rubber gloves?

    Using an a sponge, you can take the rough side and use it de-fuzz your sweaters.

     Beer coozies aren’t just for keeping your beer cold. They can protect your fruit from bruising.

     Don’t have time to feed your plants? Make a self-feeder with an old wine bottle and a straw.

     Fruit can be cleaned up perfectly using exfoliating loofah-gloves.

    Rolling pins are for chumps. Use a liquor bottle.

      If you’re sick of soil getting through the drainage holes on your flower pots, use a coffee filter to catch it.

     To add a pop of color and flavor to your summer cocktails, use a lollipop to stir the drink.

    You don’t need a makeup bag if you have a glasses case.

     An old soap case can be used to protect your phone or camera.

     Bet you didn’t know a wine cork could be used as a pin cushion.

    If you use craft supplies a lot, an ice tray is great for keeping them organized.

     Keeping dust off of things is simple with some dryer sheets.

     Use an old parmesan cheese container to house all sorts of other things you might need.

    Cooking spray can be used for a lot of the same things as good old WD-40.

     Having a party? Fill your washing machine with ice and drinks to create an awesome cooler.

     Coffee-mate lids actually are a perfect fit for mason jars!

     A staple remover might just be the best thing to use for getting that key-ring open.

    Vinegar can be a solid substitute for weed killer – and it’s chemical free!

    If you have pets who shed, a rubber glove does a pretty good job removing hair from furniture.

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