True Story Of The Krampus

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    According to legend, Santa Claus visits good children on Christmas Eve and leaves them presents for all of their good deeds. But who is supposed to take care of all the naughty children?

    The Krampus will, that’s who.

    In historic times, Krampus was kind of like Santa Claus’s evil neighbor, and it was his job to teach all of the bad kids out there a lesson they’ll never forget.

    In old European mythology, the Krampus is a sort of goat/devil hybrid that comes for naughty kids on Christmas Eve.

    He’s kind of like Santa’s evil twin.

    People debate over the origins of the Krampus, but historians generally agree that he’s a remnant of pre-Christian pagan religions that managed to hang on and become part of the Christmas legend.

    In some versions of the story, he has a taste for bad kid stew as well.

    The Krampus likes to strike on the dark night of December 5th.

    This is known as Krampusnacht, or “Krampus Night.”

    It’s the Krampus who actually delivers coal to naughty children, but that’s not all. He also beats them with handfuls of birch sticks known as ruten.

    There are a lot of different versions of the Krampus, but he’s generally a big creature with goat horns, a hairy lower body, and cloven hooves.

    Today, people still dress up as Krampus in elaborate and often terrifying costumes.

    Kids in Germany must really be afraid of Christmas.

    Just imagine having to deal with THIS every year.

    There isn’t enough Christmas cheer in the world to counteract that.

    I wouldn’t want to see that coming down the chimney. 

    So if your kids need a reminder to be good, you can always tell them that Krampus will come for them… and they’ll never see another Christmas again.

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