Trail Cams Captured

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    Hunters and researchers alike use trail cameras to study animals in the wild. But because they’re hidden from view, these cameras sometimes end up capturing things that don’t necessarily want to be seen.

    Gathered here are some of the weirdest unexplained sights ever captured on a trail cam.

    This picture was snapped near Big Spring, Texas. It shows a deer staring at a mysterious, ghost-like kid.

    In 2011, a camera captured this loping, bipedal creature. Some people think it’s Bigfoot.

    This picture shows the mysterious and horrifying creature known as “The Rake.”

    That’s clearly a human figure crying out behind this deer.

    Not something I’d want to run into on a camping trip.

    Imagine seeing this in a field.

    Just what exactly is chasing that deer?

    This one doesn’t seem that strange at first…

    You see the photo taken just a few seconds later.

    There’s something not quite right about these wolves. It’s almost like they wanted to kill the deer in front of the camera.

    You know what? I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see that.

    Hell is actually guarded by several ghost deer.

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