Shocking X-Rays

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    X-ray technology is a medical marvel which doctors routinely use to easily identify broken bones and spot abnormalities in the human body.

     Oh, THAT’S where they went!

      Looks like someone’s surgeon was in a rush to get home.

      You took the words (and the tongue ring) right out of my mouth.

      We’ll always have Paris – and this terrible, terrible scar.

      We don’t think this person understands how stomachs are supposed to work.

    This inmate was smuggling in bed springs and batteries – a potentially deadly combo.

      There are worse things than falling down in the shower and not being able to get up. This is one of them.

      This drill operator got way too close with his drill.

      I can’t believe this guy survived!

      The coroner deduced this man died from being shot in the head repeatedly with nails. No one was surprised.

     The ol’ engagement ring in the dessert scheme didn’t go as planned.

      This glass is DEFINITELY half empty.

      Talk about a splitting headache.

    A snip-snip here, and a snip-snip there!

      A good idea is to try and pull out a wine bottle from your butt with a wire hanger… not.

    Not exactly a “bright idea.”

    To be fair, knife blocks ARE expensive.

     Sure, I guess it IS a great hiding place?

    That awkward moment when you realize you’ve been eating small pieces of metal and NOT really terrible cookies.

    I’ve heard of silent but deadly, but this is ridiculous.

      I hate telemarketers too, but you could always just turn your phone off, dude.


      How does this happen?!

      At least he’ll always be ready to chow down.

      She thought her gut needed more volume.

      Because carrying an umbrella is for the birds.

      At least he knows where his keys are?

      It could happen to anyone.

    “The x-ray clearly shows that this hand has been cut in half.”

      That’s one place to keep a spare key…

    We’re not sure what the plan was here.

      Places a wire hanger should not go: INSIDE YOUR HEAD.

    Your mixtape stinks.

      There’s not enough Advil in the world.

    This is why we eat at tables, not on the floor.

      And you thought regular stabbing was bad.

      What a waste of a perfectly good flask.

      Those little specks? Broken acupuncture needles.

      He was confused about what “shades” meant.

    “It’s like nails are digging into my head.”

    That’s why you put down the clippers before you scratch your nose.

     I can’t believe that with a nail lodged so far into his brain, he was sitting up and talking the next day.

      Well at least he knows his fishing spear is plenty sharp enough.

      Repeat after me: Do not try and chew nails.

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