Reasons To NEVER Visit Australia

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    Australia might just be the only place on Earth with more dangerous things than actual people who could be in danger. But it’s not just about the spiders and bloodthirsty koalas, although those are certainly a threat as well.

    How about pythons that eat… whatever this monster is?

     Or those so big they can lift a kangaroo.

    Huge snakes on the loose in shopping malls.

    They’re in the toilet, too.

    This is getting out of hand.

     They’re everywhere, really.

    As if flying wasn’t scary enough already.

    Huge disease-carrying bats.

     How about shark-eating dingos?

    Great-white sharks everywhere.

     Huge, saltwater crocodiles.

    They don’t have to be big to be scary.

     And you can find them on the morning commute, too.

     But the snakes will them too.

    Those are some serious jaws.

    Paralysis ticks, before and after lunch. Ew.

    Lots and lots of spiders. Ahhhhhhh.

    Each one of these funnel web spiders, found at a campsite, can deliver a fatal bite.

     Soldier beetles that swarm everywhere.

    And flies. Millions of them.

    Millipedes (barf).

     Giant earthworms. NOPE.

    Freaky mole crickets that will haunt your dreams.

    Giant venomous centipedes. This just keeps getting worse.

     That are so big, they eat snakes.

    Extremely angry flightless birds called cassowaries

     Giant jellyfish.

     The tiny Irukandji jellyfish is 100 times more poisonous than a cobra.

    The blue-ringed octopus is the only known octopus whose poison is fatal to humans. No anti-toxin, either.

     Marble cone snail stings can cause respiratory muscle paralysis that will kill you.

    In case you wondered how stonefish got their name, it’s because they camouflage pretty well.

     Animals aren’t the only things that will kill you in Australia. Giant hail can do the job, too.

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