Rare Animal Hybrids

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    It’s fun to dream up magical animals that are combinations of the ones we know and love on Earth. Be it the gryphon or something entirely new (perhaps a bald eagle/shark combo?), these make-believe creatures all sadly end up just being fantasy.

    But there are actually some insane animal hybrids that do exist on our planet. In fact, these might be even better than fiction.

    Male Lion + Female Tiger = Liger.

    Wolf + Dog = Wolfdog.

    Zebra + Donkey = Zonkey.

    Zebra + Horse = Zorse.

     Leopard + Lion = Leopon.

    Buffalo + Cow = Beefalo.

    Serval + Domestic Cat = Savannah Cat.

     Bottlenose Dolphin + False Killer Whale = Wholphin.

     Ibex + Goat = Yaez.

     Polar Bear + Grizzly Bear = Grolar Bear.

    Sheep + Goat = Geep.

     Llama + Camel = Cama.

     Wild Boar + Domestic Pig = Iron Age Pig.

    Motty is the name of an elephant born in 1978 at the Chester Zoo. He was a cross between an African and an Asian elephant.

    Coyote + Domestic Dog = Coydog.

    Coyote + Wolf = Coywolf.

    Red Kangaroo + Great Grey Kangaroo = Kangaroo Hybrid.

    Australian Blacktip Shark + Common Blacktip Shark = Blacktip Shark Hybrid.

     Goldfinch + Canary = Mule.

    European Bison + Cow = Zubron.

    Midas Cichlid + Redhead Cichlid = Blood Parrot Cichlid.

    Pekin Duck + Muscovy Duck = Mulard.

    Jaguar + Lion = Jaglion.

    Aquatic Iguana + Land Iguana = Hybrid Iguana.

    Spinner Dolphin + Striped Dolphin = Clymene Dolphin.

     Female Donkey + Male Horse = Hinny.

    Narwal + Beluga Whale = Narluga.

    Male Tiger + Female Lion = Tigon

     Zebra + Pony = Zony

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