Photos Of Things Cut In Half

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    The modern world is full of so many cool things, but how do they actually work? The full answer to that question would take forever to answer, so instead, we put together the next best thing.

    We might not know how these things function… but we can at least know what they look like inside by cutting them in half. Just wait until you see the hand grenade!

    A cross section of an aerial display firework.

     Inside a jawbreaker candy.


    A keg.


     A car engine.


    Professional Hockey (left) and Football (right) helmets.


     An 8-ball.

     A tube of Colgate toothpaste.


     A photocopier. Who hasn’t wanted to cleave one of those down the middle?


     Here’s a cross-section of a piece of wood that was used to stir paint for fifty years.


     A section of undersea communications cable.


     A look inside 17 different kinds of bullets.


     Camera zoom lens.

    A Subaru cut in half.


     A cargo ship.


    The barrel of a World War II royal ordnance L7 tank gun.


     An armchair.

     A concert hall in mid-demolition.


     A chunk of accumulated car paint.


     A fire hydrant.


     An agate shell.


     Inside a piece of fossilized white oak.


     A fragmentation grenade.


    A Zippo lighter.


     A submarine torpedo chamber.


    A tortoise skeleton.


     Car keys with immobilizer.

    Baguette (bet you never cut it like this).

     An electric motorcycle.

     This sheep isn’t technically cut in half, but you get the idea!

     A look at the intricate anatomy of a pinata!


     A tree with a bonus golf ball it grew around!

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