One Farmer Found a huge discovery

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    In 1835, a farmer living in Margate, England, was toiling away in his field when he discovered something incredible: his spade fell into an opening in the ground and revealed everything beneath him was hollow.

    To get a better idea of what was under the farm, neighbors lowered a small boy with a candle into the mysterious space. Little did they know that a huge discovery was waiting for them underneath.

    The boy found an entire series of rooms, all neatly decorated with thousands of seashells and other artifacts.

    The farmer soon explored the place on his own, and named it ‘The Margate Grotto’.

    To this day, no one knows who built it, or for what purpose.

     Some think it was a wealthy landowner in the 1700s.

    Others believe it was built by the Freemasons or The Knights Templar.

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