Massive Dog Breeds

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    Most people just want dogs for company or emotional companionship, and maybe so they have someone fetch their slippers for them.

    But there are also those who want a personal body guard, and the security that only a big dog can provide. And those people often go for one of these absolutely massive dog breeds.

     The Caucasian mountain dog can weigh up to 220 pounds.

    It was bred in the Caucuses of Russia for the purpose of hunting bears.

    They’re naturally suspicious of strangers, a fact that makes them perfect guard dogs.

    The doberman breed was originally developed by a tax collector named Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, who wanted a dog that could protect him on his routes.

    English mastiffs might be enormous, but they’re actually incredibly gentle. Just don’t tell your enemies that.

     Bred in the Sivas Province of Turkey, the kangal is capable of fighting off wolves and bears.

    The rottweiler isn’t the biggest dog breed, but people will definitely think twice before messing with one of them.

    Bred as a flock guardian, the Tibetan mastiff is a loyal and dependable companion. 

    They’re also the most expensive breed in the world.

    The black Russian terrier breed was actually developed during the era of the USSR as a military and labor dog. 

    As one of the four Sennenhund breeds, the Bernese mountain dog was originally bred as a farm dog. But it’s massive size made it helpful in pulling carts and in other labor-intensive activities.

    Also known as the Italian mastiff, the ‘cane corso’ is notoriously hard to train.

     The Newfoundland breed isn’t just a bodyguard. Its loyal nature, thick build, thicker coat, and strong swimming ability make it ideal for use as a water rescue animal.

    The great dane is basically a dinosaur that looks like a dog, with it’s long, gangly limbs and distinctive snout.

     Nobody is going to mess with a pack of Scottish deerhounds. They’re basically werewolves!

    Actually, even one is enough.

     The Saint Bernard was originally bred in the Swiss Alps region as a rescue dog.

    Weighing up to 260 pounds, Saint Bernards were famous for carrying flasks of brandy to trapped skiers to help keep them warm until help arrived.

     German shepherds were originally bred to herd sheep, but their intelligence and ability to learn have made them popular with police and military forces.

    big dogs are pretty much the best.

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