Looks Like A Regular Tool Shed. But When You Step Inside, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

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    I used to think that only movie stars have stuff like their own bowling alley or a private movie theater room. Little did I know that with a pinch of imagination (and a small amount of lumber) you can create something extraordinarily luxurious… in your own backyard.

    Just look at what the Torii Cinema Company did with this mill backyard tool shed. Incredible!

    This basic plan looks pretty normal.

    The first step is erecting the frame.

    Next up was the insulation.

    Then it was time to put the roof on top.


    In just a few days this space will be transformed.

    The wiring in the eaves is just a hint of what’s to come.

    The porch is a nice touch.

    This looks like your average shed. But wait until you see the inside!




    Every single detail is flawless.


    It’s even got its own concession stand!


    And a whole bunch of movies to pick from.


    I would have killed to have this in my backyard.


    That screen is cinema-grade quality.

    If you just want to relax without a movie, you can gaze at the starry ceiling.

    Not to mention, it’s perfect for gaming too.

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